Heaven Restored


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Maurice Goulet

Maurice Goulet is a communications software developer, visionary, entrepreneur and author. He searched for truth all his life and followed the doctrines of men for over 30 years. In 2004, he wrote “Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light”. He grew up believing that no one can go beyond what he has been taught. One day he brought up that statement in a conversation with a professor from the Moody Bible Institute. The professor challenged him with the statement: “God is sovereign, why are you limiting God? If the Lord Jesus spoke to Paul and taught him personally, why are you seeking answers from men?" He returned home that day and asked himself: why do men and women trust their spiritual life with the teachings of men? He began a 10-year journey, seeking to understand the events of our day. In 2017, Maurice released his second book titled named The Day Of God. It is the record of that journey and reveals the origin and conclusion of the Islamic conflict with America, the strong delusion engulfing the world and the approach of the latter days as the times of the gentiles nears its fulfillment. Heaven Restored is the latest saga in his journey as God continues to enlighten the eyes of his understanding regarding the gathering together of the Body of Christ, the start of the time of Jacob's troubles, and the physical return of the Lord to begin his Millennial reign.

Table Of Contents February 24, 2016